Improve retention, ARPU and other profit drivers with tested, personalised communication at scale

An end-to-end suite for establishing a culture of intelligenttesting and growth for B2C enterprises


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Communication tests at scale

Optimise profit drivers like retention, conversion or upselling by establishing a continuous loop of communication tests and feedback. Fast deployment via lightweight integration with your communication tools


Smart sourcing of test ideas

Don’t shoot at random when choosing your tests. KPI Berry uses your client data and universal psychological principles to assist your team when picking ideas

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Proven impact on profitability

By directly linking experiments with client behaviour, our engine makes sure our recommendations improve profitability, not some vanity marketing metric

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1-click deployment of personalised strategies

Results are segmented by demographic and behavioural data. KPI Berry recommends client segments where the new strategy provides a profitability uplift. Deploy the new strategy only in these segments with just 1 click!

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Transparency of communication

A complete overview of all communication touch points in each segment with a possibility to zoom into each individual client.
No more confusion over the way you have communicated with your clients